July 29, 2016

Brand and company value

Brandy is now an important source of generating the value of the company and increase their potential is an essential tool for building competitive advantage of companies. However, what is the process of verifying how much the brand is worth?

Fixed costs
May 12, 2016

Fixed costs, variable costs - optimizing budget

Sometimes it associated negatively - this is the entrepreneur begins to use the services of an external supplier, eliminating existing jobs.

small business
June 10, 2016

How to create the image of a small business?

Communication's image small business is possible even on a limited budget. In addition to advertising and public relations tools - micro and macro enterprises have to choose cheaper, but equally effective forms of marketing - such gifts.

consult man
Jan 24, 2016

Records of low value assets

Slogan company register
August 08, 2016

Slogan company register it as a trademark

More and more companies see the benefits of registration of trade marks. They gain legal security, valuable assets and important marketing tool.

September 13, 2016

The fastest path to profit from the stock market

What inspired the Lord to begin research on development paths leading investors and trader'ow to success in the stock market?