June 10,2016

How to create the image of a small business?

Communication's image small business is possible even on a limited budget. In addition to advertising and public relations tools - micro and macro enterprises have to choose cheaper, but equally effective forms of marketing - such gifts.

We create the image of a small firms owner small and medium-sized businesses often do not realize the role in the perception of the brand by the environment plays its image. The set of positive associations, about the company - has a direct impact on business relations. Recognition products and services, resulting properly planned and consistently implemented image strategy allows you to build a leading position in the market. Therefore, activity, building brand awareness in the environment are increasingly turning to the company from the SME sector.

Business support

The aim of shaping brand awareness is that it has been stored for as long as the environment and stand out from the competition.

TNS OBOP shows that the vast majority of enterprises in the process of creating its own identity, decides to carry out marketing activities, despite the fact that they generate some of the highest costs. Companies typically use for this purpose press advertising or external, less television or radio. It should be noted, however, that the last two types of media (due to the high costs associated with running them advertising) - are dominated by the biggest players.

With the need to work on the image of the brand more and more aware and micro and macro enterprise. Although the distribution of promotional materials among business partners and customers is widely used in large companies, it has also become the preferred solution for enterprises from the SME sector. Its advantage is primarily lower costs and effectiveness of the media. This is confirmed by the financial results of companies that produce gadgets. Industry is growing in strength, and the materials printed with your own logo procure've even those companies that have paid no attention to the promotion, such as wholesalers office accessories and car rentals.

The study commissioned by the organization of Promotional Products Assocation International, the majority (up to 83%) of business owners admit that distributes gifts to thank customers. This has a direct impact on the company's self-presentation and provides a high standard of service. The second most frequently indicated answer was to use the gadgets to support the marketing strategy for the new activities - indicated the 53% entrepreneurs.

More than 3 seconds

- One of the most important rules when choosing a gadget that we give our clients or customers, is that it is associated with a profile of the company and adapted to the target that it receives - says Marzena Raczkiewicz the company MER Plus. - Advertising materials also play an important role in the aesthetic strategies of the company. If the project is well thought out, original and well executed it successfully, they can serve as a tool to promote the brand. Examples are bags with your company logo - he added.

Rapidly changing fashion has a direct impact on the popularity of the trends in various industries. Market gadgets is particularly sensitive to changes in design.

- Still a growing popular are articles hand - made. To the extent that entrepreneurs are turning out even hand-painted bags the pack gifts for contractors.

The gadget is also a good tool to promote your company logo. Statistically, a man who sees outdoor advertising or the press is able to focus your attention upon it no longer than 3 seconds, and it is rare to have her back. The advantage of the gadgets of daily use, therefore, is that their buyers have contact with the company logo much more frequently than other forms of advertising. One of the most popular promotional gifts are stationery or ceramic. Company to promote its image also use objects of a utility such as. Flash drives.

Currently, the most popular are the cheapest products from catalogs of companies specializing in the production of promotional gifts. In previous years, the company usually decided on the articles of the highest quality. Giving key contractors are usually gift of higher value - from 200 to 1000usd. In the field of gadgets it counts above all creativity. An example would be a gift in the form of electrical cable transporting a ringing phone.