Sept 13, 2016

The fastest path to profit from the stock market

Today we talk with Mr. Dr. Dariusz Swierkiem, on the road of success in the stock market, how work best, and also about how the manipulation of markets helps them generate regular profits.

Editorial: What inspired the Lord to begin research on development paths leading investors and trader'ow to success in the stock market?

Dr. Dariusz Spruce: The reasons were several, one of which was lost deposit, I started so like most people trying to make a profit from the stock market game, but at all costs wanted to be on the winning side - with the help of crossed my professional experience in consulting . Many times before I researched the factors of success in various industries at different positions in corporations. Once our team knew what they do best - be able to teach all others. Examining investors and trader'ow acted the same way.

R: How looked the study conducted on a group of investors by the Institute of the Lord?

Dr. DS: At the beginning we created a group of 100 potential people to whom we would like to ask. Then we chose a very well-known or less known trader'ow / investors from different countries, of which development path has been subjected to detailed analysis. The study was attended by both trader'zy retail (Self-employed) and what institutional working for banks and investment funds. One of the most interesting trader'ow, who attended a legend of world trading'u, Joe Ross, a man of fifty years market experience.

R: Do your research yielded the expected results?

Dr. DS: Of course, we discovered several important issues. However, the fundamental discovery was that the model of development and investor trader'a does not exist - therefore, no one really knew what path needs to go and what obstacles waiting for him to attain the desired result. Why is this so important? This can be compared to driving in a new place without navigation or maps, with the knowledge of only the direction - probably the way it will be much longer and will certainly come across a more than one obstacle that could lead to a desire to retreat. - This is the point where most novice investors or trader'ow end your adventure.

We decided to build such a model / map. As a result, I am able to explain to the beginner, which will go, what to expect and what exactly should be done to achieve personal success in the market and thus - to generate regular profits.

R: What makes this arrangement that some participants in the game come out victorious, and the vast majority of permanently losing your money?

Dr. DS: Make a success factors. Their knowledge is required so as not to miss the key elements of development, particularly at the beginning.

R: Which of these factors by. Lord is of particular importance, and what you should pay special attention to the novice investor or trader?

Dr Ds, it turns out that each of the factors is equally important, is due to the fact that they are connected with each other in a synergistic way and the successive growth of the trader'a or investor can not miss any of them. However, I drew attention to two very important elements that are missing in most cases. The first is the development model and the second is the mental attitude and determination.

Complementing the list of those two very important elements of it looks like this:

  • A good and proven system - in the long term.
  • Mental management, an advanced version of psychology trading
  • Risk Management - is the correct version of the capital management.
  • Model Development of a knowledge map development path, which passes beginner to expert level.
  • Determination - a mental attitude, which accelerates the development and course success.
  • R: analyzing the list you will see that not only have added new things, but also poprawiliscie existing ones.

Dr. DS: That's right, because it was this, as I mentioned earlier - success factors for an investor or trader'a are connected together in a synergistic manner, can not miss any of them, otherwise the development process can go in a completely different direction - effect of this may be the production of a completely unnecessary or incorrect habits. Based on these two factors missing grow best. Each of those whom I know personally or that I know of - going down that path and they are an inseparable part of the work himself. Our goal in creating the model was to provide a concrete roadmap of next steps and once I had started to ask themselves what to do to speed it up. Hence directly follows - "Mental management" or proactive management psyche so as not to interfere but helped trading'u. That shift the focus - focus on what brings the greatest benefit to the learner investor.

R: In the market there is the enormity of game systems on the market. What system would you recommend for people seriously thinking about investing or trading'u?

Dr. DS: That's right, the market there are many systems available. However, with careful analysis of only a small proportion of them are worth anything. To further explain why this is happening, I would have to devote even a very large amount of time. Generally, you should learn a system that generates good results - from trader'a, which uses it for at least several years.

R: What in such a system should distinguish this system, which we should pay special attention to technical terms in the course of his choice?

Dr. DS: The selected system should no longer withstand the test of time, based on the laws of the market, work on a large range of instruments and not to burden with the psyche.

R: Your book "Conversations with Forex Market Masters" is so far only available in English. When can we expect to release in the Polish language?

Dr. DS: Actually the book is translated into Russian, Arabic and three other languages, Polish version should be ready by the end of April 2016


R: What do you podpowiedzialby beginners and those who are serious about making money in the stock market?

Dr. DS: Let always learn from the best, paying attention to the factors selected development path top trader'ow and investors. On publish several hours training Fri. "As soon as you succeed in investing," which impart the latest knowledge about the success as an investor. I'll show you where you need to start and then step-by-step path fastest growth to be on the winning side of the market.